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Dave Gage Avatar
Dave Gage
I couldn't be happier with Diamond Pro Home Inspections. Jordan was extremely responsive, friendly and professional. He took the time to explain his inspection and what he found. I feel at ease knowing he inspected our home. I would absolutely and without hesitation recommend Jordan and Diamond Pro Home Inspections to anyone needing one. - 1/31/2024
Juan Velazquez Avatar
Juan Velazquez
Jordan is very professional at what he does. Great working with him. Looking forward on working with him on future Inspections! - 1/24/2024
Anna M Brooks Avatar
Anna M Brooks
The reviews were so good and I live in a rural area. Finding good contractors is a chore. Jordan was pleasant, efficient and worth the cost. Heads up. The contract is TIGHT. Have it reviewed if you can. I would use Diamond Pro again. - 1/24/2024
Adam Brown Avatar
Adam Brown
I am ABSOLUTELY blown away at how thorough Jordan at DPHI was! He is going to save us so much money by making us aware of the issues we need to address before buying our dream home. I HIGHLY recommend him! Not only was he great at communicating but he is a clean cut respectable family man. Even if your not buying a home it would be worth having him come do an inspection of your home just to make sure its in good condition. sometimes you get all Getty and fail to see the imperfections in your house. Then, by the time your moved in and comfortable its to late. Your out THOUSANDS of dollars in repairs that should have been taken care of by the previous owners. THANK YOU Jordan and Diamond Pro Home Inspection! your a life saver!!! - 1/24/2024
Alex Cunningham Avatar
Alex Cunningham
Jordan was a great resource for the home inspection and thoroughly inspected my new purchase of a 124 year old home. I feel confident in his reviews and believe he would be a great contact for buyers with concerns on new or old properties. - 1/10/2024
Michael Moore Avatar
Michael Moore
Jordan's expertise and thorough explanations made our home inspection a breeze. His patience and all-in-one service truly set him apart. Kudos to Jordan for a job well done! Michael Moore 12/27/23 - 1/03/2024
Wanda Nielsen Avatar
Wanda Nielsen
Jordan at Diamond Pro Home Inspections did a terrific job with a recent home inspection. We were not able to be present for the inspection, with all the pictures and detail we received we didn't need to be. Highly recommend! - 11/14/2023
Barbara Bauer Avatar
Barbara Bauer
Very impressed with Jordan's professionalism. Very helpful in explaining his findings. Highly recommend! - 11/14/2023
Melissa Palmer Avatar
Melissa Palmer
Amazing work! Great Guy. Very Friendly and explained to us everything he was doing and what he found.I would HIGHLY recommend him!! - 11/07/2023
Natalie Kurtz Avatar
Natalie Kurtz
Jordan was so great to work with! Extremely thorough and was quick to explain or review anything we had questions on. His report is detailed and easy to read. We would use him again for any future needs. - 11/07/2023
Penny Winn Avatar
Penny Winn
Jordan gave us a professional, detailed description of the property that we are looking at purchasing. Each problem area was highlighted and addressed in a comprehensive way that was easy to understand. We felt like his report gave us a way forward with our real estate purchase. The report is definitely worth the price, he is so quick to get to your property, an extraordinary quality! - 10/31/2023
Gary Dukes Avatar
Gary Dukes
Jordan was excellent! He was very thorough and rated the seriousness of each issue. Jordan took the time to walk me around the house at the end to show issues and let you know what needs to be done. I'd highly recommend him for any inspection you need. - 10/20/2023